Focus for the Year 2020-21

As we start the new academic year (2020-21), we are excited to welcome back all pupils.

Capital Upgrades

We have spent the summer upgrading the classrooms, playground and transforming the ICT room with the funds raised from the MMK60 crowdfunding campaign.

Over the summer, you may have noticed many different vans entering the school premises. We have been lucky enough to refurbish classes 1 - 6. These classrooms have been renovated with fresh paint and upgraded with fantastic new furniture and desks.

The playground now has a new multi-sports arena, which looks brilliant! It has been amazing to see it being built day by day. Under the arena we buried the time capsule sheets that the children created during their final weeks of school last term. We have also created a new gym area, where the children can improve their fitness along with a quiet reading/play area and brand new games painted on the playground for the children to enjoy. We have upgraded the EYFS playground, laid it with soft play turf, put in a new mud kitchen and made it a beautiful place for the children to play. WE have been lucky to be able to create new succah built in between the KS1 building and the back of the house.

Finally, we have divided the ICT room into a two new rooms - a Sensory room and a Wellbeing room. The Sensory Room will be completed in the coming terms.

All of these upgrades allow us to strive to deliver our continued vision that every child the best opportunity to an education that draws on critical thinking and collaboration as well as ensuring pupils are self-aware and able to self-regulate. 


COVID Catch Up and supporting wellbeing

We were lucky enough to return before the summer and therefore we are able to start the year secure in the knowledge our pupils are back and ready to learn. Our Wellbeing survey for pupils showed all our pupils feel safe and are excited about resuming school and seeing their friends. We have taken great care to ensure that we are COVID compliant and remain open for as long as possible and for as many pupils as possible. If we work together as a community to stay safe - this should help us achieve this.

 Pupils will be assessed and have catch up programs put in place as quickly as possible. Our initial assessments show that our focus this term must be on reading and arithmetic. These are currently being worked on across all classes.


Wider Curriculum

This remains a focus for us this year, building on the strong foundations that we laid last year. We look forward to continuing building skills and knowledge in ALL subjects. Pupils responded well to our new music curriculum last year, as well as the new DT and Art curriculum. We look forward to sharing their amazing learning with you throughout the year.


Hebrew Reading

We are excited to work with our ever generous PTA to purchase a new Hebrew Reading scheme. This will be implemented in the coming term. We look forward to explain this further to pupils and parents alike.


Technology Strategy

We were lucky enough to upgrade our technological facilities with the funds raised from our MMK60 campaign. We have new interactive Prowise boards in all classrooms, as well as a good range of chromebooks and laptops for KS1 and Ks2. In the coming year we will be creating and implementing a new technology strategy which will include facilitating a new curriculum for computing.


Vision Strategy

The governors and I have been working together to ensure a clear direction for the school and we strive to achieve an outstanding education for all. As we work on a new vision as a community we will ensure that there is a meaningful consultation with staff, parents and pupils. These are new and exciting times ahead. We can’t wait to work together on all of this.

Whilst new initiatives are exciting, we will continue to strive to ensure the best education for everyone in all aspects of life.

We hope the academic year 2020-21 brings only positive outcomes for our school and community.

Best Wishes,

Miriam Kaye